Biographie Jörg Richter

Born 1972 to German-Swedish parents, Jörg was long inconclusive to his choice of career, but eventually made his decision and remained by his first attempt; Dental Technic.

In the academic years of 1990 to 1994 he absolved his 3.5 year apprenticeship as Dental technician at the firm Jürgen Rund Dentaltechnik in Teningen-Nimburg in Germany. These 3.5 years were followed by 12 months mandatory military service, where Jörg served as Medic/Dental Assistant in a division of the German Air force (Luftwaffe). Following his military service, he returned to his apprenticing firm, Jürgen Rund Dentaltechnik, where he worked as General Dental technician. In the year 2000, Jörg studied full-time at the Masters School in Freiburg, Germany, attaining his qualification as Master, Dental technician. In the years 2000 to 2004, he performed the duties of Master in the firm Zahnwerkstatt in Bötzingen, Germany. 2004 Jörg worked abroad, in the dental clinic in Beverly Hills/ Los Angeles, California, USA. From 2005-2007 Self-employed Master in the firm Zahnwerkstatt in Bötzingen, Germany. Since the summer of 2007 Self-employed in the environs of the Malek Misrabi Dental Technic in Freiburg, Germany.

A little about Jörg: Rides Mountain-bikes in the summer and Snowboards in the winter. Enjoys Gourmet Restaurants, and is a fan of wild concerts in intimate venues. Sometimes he feels the calling as Proprietor of a Campground. This calling overtakes him mostly in the stressful periods... gate open, gate closed...

In a relationship with a Dental Technician, who has gifted him with two sons, the sons only having to worry about their own teeth... Jörg remains hot on the heels of Nature; whose Role Modelling leads him to produce his work as aesthetically and as highly qualitative as possible. This includes the daily confrontation with Natural Perfection, as well as continuing his education to stay at the "State of the Art."


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